Hi peeps, welcome to the blog, Vru here.

My family and I have been on this journey towards sustainability for some time. There was no epiphany, no great defining moment. We are reading, watching, learning and growing. And in the process, seeing all that we no longer find possible to un-see. We find ourselves, not unlike others, hoping for a cleaner future for our children.

I started this blog to chronicle my successes, failures and discoveries as I attempt to include our environmental impact into the equation of everyday choices. We work and live a busy life, with time and energy constraints. Like many others, we find that greener choices are not easy choices and one has to think outside the square to make these possible. We are not zero waste or plastic-free (yet) but we are realistic and we are trying. I would love to see a society where everybody is able to work towards greater sustainability with mutual respect. I believe in the power of one (multiplied by many) and that wherever you are in your journey, you have the power to make a difference. I believe it possible to make this difference whilst living within our means. I believe small changes can contribute to bigger ones, small conversations to larger narratives.

I love animals and trees and believe in maintaining a connection with nature. So I invite you to walk this trail with me. The hike appears to be steep, the weather unpredictable, but it is not without a promise of great rewards. With our powers combined, we can do this. And as we walk, let’s remember how privileged we are to have this opportunity. 

If you would like to contact me – vru@vruneel.net – is the place to e-mail.